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Purchase high-quality stock for gift shops at wholesale prices

Over 100 masterpieces of ancient artwork are available as fine art prints in a variety of sizes and formats, as well as greeting cards, postcards and posters.

How to order

  1. Search my portfolio or browse my art and make a note of the Art Ref number.

  2. Download my catalogue to see prices and select your designs.

  3. Complete an order form and send it to me.

  4. I will provide an estimate by email for you to refine and approve.

  5. Once ordered, delivery will take 10-15 days.

  6. My payment terms are 30 days from delivery. 

As stocked by

White Rabbit Glastonbury
Wonderful Things Art on Etsy
World Museum Liverpool
Manchester Museum
History of Egypt Podcast

What buyers say

-Richard- London, UK

I love these 'Wonderful things' and have just ordered 2 more to add to the 3 a I already have. The paper and print is high quality and the colours a good match to those originally used in temples and tombs. There is clearly much dedication and hard work in creating these prints from original ancient Egyptian sources.

-JM- Toronto, Canada

This piece looks absolutely stunning in real life. Even more vivid and detailed than expected! Natalie’s personal follow-up re: shipping and delivery was also fantastic. I’ll definitely be buying more art from her!

-Ryan- NM, USA

Vividly printed image on quality material. I will treasure this image forever!

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