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Purchase high-quality stock for gift shops at wholesale prices

Over 100 masterpieces of ancient artwork are available as fine art prints in a variety of sizes and formats, as well as greeting cards, postcards and bookmarks.


How to order

  1. Search my portfolio or browse my art and make a note of the Art Ref number.

  2. Download my catalogue to see prices and select your designs.

  3. Complete an order form and send it to me.

  4. I will provide an estimate by email for you to refine and approve.

  5. Once ordered, delivery will take 10-15 days.

  6. My payment terms are 30 days from delivery. 

As stocked by

Derby Museum & Art Gallery
British Museum
World Museum Liverpool
Manchester Museum

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What buyers say

-Richard- London, UK

I love these 'Wonderful things' and have just ordered 2 more to add to the 3 a I already have. The paper and print is high quality and the colours a good match to those originally used in temples and tombs. There is clearly much dedication and hard work in creating these prints from original ancient Egyptian sources.

-JM- Toronto, Canada

This piece looks absolutely stunning in real life. Even more vivid and detailed than expected! Natalie’s personal follow-up re: shipping and delivery was also fantastic. I’ll definitely be buying more art from her!

- Mark- Somerset, UK

I was lucky to come across Natalie's Wonderful Things stall at this year's Glastonbury Frost Fayre and was immediately impressed by the accuracy and detail of her art. It was lovely to chat to her and she obviously knew a lot about the historical and cultural context of the original pieces which her work is based on. I've been fascinated with ancient Egyptian art and culture all my life but have never come across such authentic renderings before. I've now purchased several of her prints on Etsy and they are all stunning, the images are beautiful and the colours are so vibrant. I can't recommend them highly enough!
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