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Statue of Prince Khaemwaset, British Museum

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Statue of Prince Khaemwaset, the high priest of Ptah, 19th dynasty

Khaemweset (also given as Khaemwaset, Khaemwise, Khaemuas, Setem Khaemwaset, c. 1281-c.1225 BCE) was the fourth son of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE) and his queen Isetnefret.

He was High Priest of Ptah at Memphis during his father’s reign, presided over the burial of the Apis Bull, oversaw the construction of the Serapeum at Saqqara, and was named Crown Prince by Ramesses II.


Date created: 1260 BCE Physical Dimensions: Height: 138.00cm (max); Width: 43.10cm (max); Depth: 55.00cm (max) Location: British Museum Technique: incised Registration number: 1866,1113.1 Place: Asyut, Egypt Period: 19th Dynasty Material: quartzite; sandstone conglomerate

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