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The Gayer-Anderson Cat, British Museum

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The Gayer-Anderson Cat, Late Period

The Gayer-Anderson cat is a Late Period hollow-cast bronze statue of the female cat deity Bastet shown with an inlaid silver sun-disc and wedjet (Eye of Horus) pectoral on the chest and golden earrings and nose-rings.

Bastet was believed to be the daughter of the sun-god Ra, due to the fierce nature of cats Bastet is often depicted as a protector of the Pharaoh. Her worship appears to be native to Bubastis in the Nile River delta but she also had an important cult at Memphis.

It was named after Major Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson who, together with Mary Stout Shaw, donated it to the British Museum in 1939.


Period: Late Period Dimensions: 42 cm high and 13 cm wide Location: British Museum, G4/B10 Findspot: Saqqara, Memphis Materials: silver, gold, bronze Museum number: EA64391 Registration number: 1947,1011.1

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