Sarcophagus of Sasobek, British Museum

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Detail of the sarcophagus of Sasobek showing the winged sky goddess Nut

The finely carved lid of the sarcophagus of Sasobek, northern vizier of Egypt during the reign of Psamtek I (664-610 BCE), which depicts the winged sky goddess Nut.

Nut was the personification of the sky and the heavens and is often featured inside of coffin lids watching over the deceased soul in the afterlife. In this form, she was known as the goddess of death and was depicted as either having protective wings or as a ladder.

Nut is identifiable here by the hieroglyphics within the sun disk atop her head, which depicts a water pot.


Period: 26th Dynasty Date: c. 600 BCE Materials: Siltstone Dimensions: Length 225 centimetres Findspot: Unknown, possibly Memphis Location: British Museum G4/B5 Museum number: EA17 Registration number: 1839,0921.1190

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