Interactive Map of Ancient Egyptian Museum Collections

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Ancient Egyptian artefacts have been dispersed across the globe and now feature in the collections of hundreds of museums and cultural institutions.

Use the map below to explore collections near you, and if any are missing, please let me know; this is work in progress!

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Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, Caboolture

The Museum’s collections include predynastic stone tools and pottery, Dynastic amulets, jewellery, figurines, painted panels and ceramics.

Australian Museum, Sydney

The Museum has a collection of around 1,100 items. The largest contribution to the Egyptian collection was the donation by Ernest and his brother Alfred Wunderlich (over 35%), followed by the Egypt Exploration Fund (30%).

Australian National University Classics Museum, Canberra

The collection, which is open to the public, spans the Mediterranean and beyond. It features examples of ancient art and objects of daily life from Greece and the Roman world, including Egypt and the Near East.

Melbourne Museum, Melbourne

Among the museum's small collection of Mediterranean antiquities are three important items that illustrate how that collection was formed and the perennial fascination with ancient Egyptian attempts to preserve the body to ensure eternal life after death. This includes two mummy cases, one that included the mummy of Tjeby the Elder, and the decorated wooden coffin of Nytamenkhamun.

Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania

Museum of art with around 460 pieces on display from a collection of more than 2,000 works. Less than half of this is contemporary art; it includes objects from Egypt and various parts of Africa, Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Ancient Egyptian objects are some of the earliest works to have entered the NGV’s collection and in the early twentieth century, the Gallery received regular divisions of objects from British excavations in Egypt.

Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney, Sydney

The collection includes artefacts representing ancient Egyptian history from the Neolithic to the late Roman period, with mummies, monumental sculpture, inscriptions and ancient organic materials. The founding collection was donated by Sir Charles Nicholson to the University’s Museum of Antiquities in 1860 and expanded during the late 19th and early 20th centuries through acquisitions from the Egypt Exploration Fund (now Society).

South Australian Museum, Adelaide

The Ancient Egypt gallery was originally established in 1939 and gives an insight into the religion, burial practices and everyday life of Ancient Egypt. The items in the gallery form part of the Foreign Ethnology Collection which holds more than 22,000 items from the Pacific, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.